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Door Skin HDF molded with design,Veneered HDF Door Skin,Door Skin HDF,Molded Door Skin,Natural Veneer Door Skin
Molded Door Skin Pictures
Molded Door Skin HDF Specification and Features
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Door skin/molded door skin/HDF molded door skin/HDF door skin/Red Oak door skin/Red Oak HDF molded door skin/Red Oak MDF door skin/Natural Teak door skin/natural Teak HDF molded door skin/natural teak MDF door skin/melamine HDF molded door skin/melamine door skin/MDF door skin/Mahogany door skin/Mahogany HDF molded door skin/white door skin/white primer HDF molded door skin/

Surface: plain,white primer, natural wood veneer, melamine
Material: MDF/HDF
Usage: for MDF door, flush door


Molded Door Skin HDF Specification and Features:

CONSMOS Molded Door Skin HDF Features:
1. Veneer species: Teak, ash, sapeli, oak, birch, cherry, etc
2. Water and moisture resistant
3. Scratch resistant
4. Environmental friendly

Product Description:
1) Product name: HDF Molded Door Skin
2) Door Skin Pattern: Many kinds of designs, such as 2 panel, 4 panel, 5 panel, 6 panel etc.
3) Door Skin Surface: With natural wood veneer such as ash, teak, black walnut, red walnut, American cherry, oak, sapeli, okume, beech etc.
4) Door Skin Packing: Wrapped with shrink film or foam paper, then on pallets.
5) Door Skin Loading Quantity: 12 pallets x 220 pieces = 2640 pieces
6) Advantage: Mould the solid wood fibre to be raised panel under high temperature and pressure with advanced technology. No shrink, no split, great compatibility. Elegant veneer makes it fresh and classic. Molded door skins are one-off molding under high temperature with advanced technology. With natural/engineerd veneer, such as walnut, sapelli, teak, oak, ash, brich, bubinga and so on. The door skins are very attractive and durable. Furthermore, We can produce the wood grain door skins with or without
white primer. This two kinds of skins are more cheaper. We have made many kinds of models for custumers to choose, such as 2 panel, 4 panel, 6 panel and so on. Even though, we will commit ourselves to exploit the new models.

HS Code: 44119100
Trademark: CONSMOS
Standard Size: H(2000~2150)*W(600~1050)*T(3.0-3.2)mm
Productivity: 30000pcs/month
Packing: Wrapped with shrink film/carton board, then fasten by belts on pallets



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