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 Chinese MDF/Medium Density Fiberboard

Melamine Paper Color/Grain/Design E-Catalogue for Melamine faced MDF and UV MDF ,Marble color grain melamine faced MDF
T groove MDF,Slot MDF,MDF melamina 18mm T slot in white and wood colors 7.5cm groove and 15cm groove





 »Detailed Products Description

MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard Specifications:

we can do plain MDF, raw MDF,melamine MDF, warm white or other color or other wood grain MDF,UV MDF, huge size MDF suchas 6'x8'MDF board, 1830x3660mm MDF etc. Also slot MDF,grooved MDF ,T grooved MDF,special processed MDF customerized.

1)Face/back: Plain MDF,or melamine laminated in various color or wooden color Maple,Beech,Cherry etc., or laminated by PVC film or other materials such as UV MDF.
Glossy surface or Matt surface available, Glossy Ultra Violet Treated MDF.
Marble color grain melamine faced MDF
2) Wood: poplar, pine, mixed wood
3) Glue: MR glue,MELAMINE WBP glue
4) Sizes: 1220 x 2440mm,1830 x 2440mm,1830x3660mm, 4'x8', 6'x12', 8'x12'MDF
5) Thickness: 3 -25mm
6) Grade: A
7) Density: 690-780kg/m3
8)Quality/Safety Certifications: ISO9000, ISO4001, CE

Slot T groove MDF:
1. Commodity: one side titanium white melamine faced grooved MDF,two sides melamine faced slot grooved MDF,wood grain melamine MDF, warm white melamine MDF T grooved,slot MDF 18mm,MDF melamina 18mm T slot in white an wood colors 7.5cm groove and 15cm groove
2. Material: poplar or combi.
3. Glue: E2
4. Density: about 730 ~ 750kg/cbm
5. Melamine faced: titanium white (the same color as picture)
6. Thickness tolerance: +/-0.2mm
7. Dimensions: 1220mm x 2440mm x 18mm
8. Parameters of the groove:
(1) Length: 2440mm, (2) Width at the bottom: 27 ~ 30mm, (3) Depth: 12mm

MDF Application: for kitchen cabinet , Cabinet board,interior decoration ,advertisement boards,and for furniture etc.

Inner packing:
Inside pallet is wrapped with plastic bag , if small cut-into-size small panels, wrapped by shrink PE film.
Outer packing:
Pallets are covered with cardboard/plywood and then steel tape for strength.


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