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Wooden Pallet

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Detailed Description

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Detailed Products Description:

The pallet can be used for forklift and two-way hydraulic lift. Its load capacity is 1MT and it is able to tour around easily in warehouses.
1) Single side only
2) Four-side movable
3) Regular sizes: 100 x 100cm (international standards), 110 x 110cm, 120 x 80cm (European Standard), 120 x 100cm (Korean and Chinese standard), 120 x 120cm.


Pallet Leg Sepecification:
1. Materials: wood chips, particalboard
2. Thickness: 60-120mm
3. Size:1000x1200mm, 1240x660mm, 1240x750, or as request.
4. Density: 500-600Kg/m3


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