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Eucalyptus Core Veneer

Eucalyptus Veneer A grade for Plywood core veneer.
Eucalyptus Core Veneer Pictures
Eucalyptus Core Veneer Description
Eucalyptus Core Veneer Quality Standard for Export


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Eucalyptus Core Veneer Description:

Size: 1270 x 640mm,or cut into size
Thickness: 1.7mm,2.2mm , or according to the order.
Length: +/- 5mm
Width: +/- 10mm
Thickness: +/- 0.1mm
Diagonal: 10mm
Mositure: 17%
Payment term: 40% in advance, 60% be paid within 5 days after sending copy of BL.
Shipping date: usually within 15-20 days after receipt of prepayment .

Quality Standrad :
Alive Knot :Allowed
Dead holes / knot holes :Only up to longer diameter of 30mm
End Split:Open split allowed not longer than 200mm
Rotten:Not Allowed
Mold due to humidity:Partially allowed
Bark pocket:Not Allowed
Roughness such as thorn or sharp wood hair:"200 x 300mm thin surface,permitted up 2 numbers
Thin veneer at the end of rotary cut :Not Allowed
Wave like surface:Not Allowed
Dent board:Not Allowed
Open joints :"Veneers to be in one piece to allow occasional split into 2 pieces
Veneer end like crescent :The deepness permitted up to 5mm



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