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Hollow Chipboard for doors/Tubular Chipboard/Hollow Core Chipboard for doors /Tubular Particle Board

PLS check below links for specification of our Hollow Particle board:
Hollow Chipboard Pictures
Hollow Chipboard Description
Features of Consmos Hollow/Tubular Chipboard
Application of Tubular Chipboard


 »Detailed Products Description

Tubular Chipboard Specification :

Length: 2090mm
Width: 800-1300mm as customer request
Thickness:24, 28, 30, 33, 34, 35, 38mm
Diameter of the bore/hole/tube :22-27mm or other different tube diameter as customer requested.
Materials: pine or poplar or other hardwood wood chips,
Glue:E1 or E2 glue environment-friendly.
Density:  300-400kg/m3
Load quantity:
1250*2000*28mm----- 684sheets/40FT

Packing: covered by plastic bag, fastened by steel belts with pallets, strong export packing.
Payment term: 40% in advance, 60% be paid within 5 days after sending copy of BL.
Inspection: the boards will be inspected piece by piece , each bundle will be put a sticker in the corner.
Shipping date: usually within 15-20 days after receipt of prepayment .
Shipping marks: standard CONSMOS shipping marks for export, as below cited option:

Features of Consmos Tubular Particleboard:

1)  Light in weight,only 300-400kgs/m3,Compared to the general solid wood, tubular structures can decrease 60% weight of board;
2)  High Durability ;
3)  Fire Retardant ;
4)  High level of sound insulation,sound-proofing, sound insulation more than 26dbs;
5)  Heat insulation,keep warm,preserve heat; heat preservation; insulation work; thermal retardation;
6)  Stable in dimension;Size stability,no wrapping, indeformable; nondeformable; ametabolic;
7)  Smooth and good calibration;
8)  Environmental protection,Can reach environmental standards of European E1, is preferred healthy door cores;
9)  Anti- impact;
10) Easy to processing by using Consmos hollow core chipboard for door manufacturers.

Advantage of Consmos hollow core chipboard:
Sound insulation, Weight reduction, Thickness precision, Impact resistance.
Dimensional stability of furniture generally required when using hollow core board edge.
The strength and weight can be adjusted as panel.
Consmos hollow chipboard is with similar good quality as German Sauerland Spanplatte products.
Comparing with vertical hole ones, horizontal longitudinal hollow particle board production is more difficult, its impact resistance is much better and its utilization rate is much higher.


Application of Consmos Tubular Particleboard:
Tubular Chipboard usually are used for the core board of all kinds of wooden flat doors, and isolation board.

Please contact our sales team for more detailed information regarding Chinese Tubular Chipboard .

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