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Detailed Product Description

1)Standard Gypsum board
Thickness: 7mm,7.5mm,8.5mm, 9mm,9.5mm
Gypsumboard Size: 1200x2400mm, 1220x2440mm,1220x1830mm,1200x3000mm or as requested.

2)PVC laminated Gypsum board as Ceiling
size: 595x595x7.5mm/9mm ,603x603x7.5mm/9mm.
Certificate: GB ,ASTM

Our company is the leading gypsum boards producer and suppier for years since 1996 in Shandong province, mostly we are supplying the below detailed products.

Standard Gypsum Plasterboard (Gray gypsum board paper faced)
Common Paper Face Gypsum Plasterboard is a kind of building board which is mainly made of plaster. Its body is constructed by mixing with light fibre reinforcement and additive and stuck with paper.

Appearance: its obverse is ivory paper and its reverse is gray paper.

Application: applicable to ceiling, partition wall and veneer wall; can be used in office buildings, hotels, residences, hospitals, cinemas, schools, factory buildings, etc

3)Fire-proof paper face Gypsum plasterboard (in red color paper gypsumboard)provides excellent capacity of fire-preventing. On its surface, it uses pink paper which has been treated for fire-preventing as a cover. There are fire-resistant additive and fibre inside. It is very suitable for using in the places where require strong fireproof, such as ceilings, potions, elevators, stairs, corridors or for fireproof of the appearance of columns or girders.

4)Water-proof paper face Gypsum plasterboard(in blue color gypsumboard) is a kind of lightweight board which is developed for using in high humidity indoor places. The gypsum core is added with efficient organic hydrophobic agent and its surface is imported paper which has been special treated with organic hydrophobic material. By this way, the hydrophobic nature is greatly improved and strengthened.

5)Gypsum Cornice,7.5x85x2300mm

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Now we are selling 1200x2400mm and 1200x3000mm common sized paper faced gypsum boards to world market, also some 1220x1830mm special sizes paper faced gypsum boards to India and Russia market. 

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