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Eucalyptus dowel broom stick,mop stick,mop dowel,

Eucalyptus dowel broomstick A grade
Eucalyptus broom stick products and producing and loading Pictures
Eucalyptus broom stick Description
Eucalyptus broom stick features


 »Detailed Products Description

Eucalyptus Core Veneer Description:

1)Various PVC design with bright lustre.
2)Deep sanding before coating PVC.
3)Various hangers.
4)Good toughness and dryness
A:Material:   Eucalyptus.

1)120X2.2cm,183X2.2cm,76x2.2cm(Our normal size).
2)Specific size can be customized.

Article name: PVC Coated wooden broom/Mop/brush/wiper/squeegee handle.

Usage:brooms/Mos/brushes/ wipers/dustpans/squeegees/cloth-drying rods/etc.

Quality Standrad and CONSMOS broom stick features:
Upper end feature:
1)Can be matched with plastic hangers with usual design .
2)Can be matched with plastic hangers with novel design.
3)Color of the hangers are red,yellow,blue and green,other kinds of color are also available,just depends on our clientsrequest.
4)For the hangers with special design which beyonds our current scope,if any request from our clients,we will consider to open a new mould base on the order quanity.

Bottom end feature:
1)Can be matched with natural Italian screw.
2)Can be matched with natural American screw.
3)Can be matched with plastic Italain screw.
4)Can be matched with plastic American screw.
5)Can be matched with metal Italian screw.
6)Can be matched with metal American screw.
7)Can be straightly cut.
8)Can be Tapered.

PVC pattern
1)Usual solid color without pattern:red,yellow,blue and green.other kinds of color are available.
2)Current pvc pattern:Many patterns are available,please check our catalogue in our website.
3)Other pvc pattern:For other pvc pattern which beyond our current category scope,we can open new mould and produce according to our clients requirement to the pattern and the order quantity!

Design:besides the design we mentioned above,other kinds of novel design is also availbe according to the MOQ,so if any of your suggestion or opinion for the development of the new items,please just feel free to let us know at any time by any way,we will seriously study the possibility and respond you soon.

The main series of round wooden handles which are produced by us as following:
a: Natural wooden broom handles, natural wooden mop handles,natural hoe handles,natural shovel handles and other kinds of natural round wooden handles.
b: PVC coated wooden broom handles,PVC coated wooden mop handles,PVC coated wooden brush handles and other kinds of round wooden handles with PVC coated.
c: Varnished wooden broom handles,Varnished wooden mop handles,Varnished wooden brush handles and other kinds of round varnished wooden handles.
d: Color-painted wooden broom handles,color-painted wooden mop handles,color-painted wooden brush handles and other kinds of round color-painted wooden handles.

Delivery date:Usually 10days/1X40HQ upon receipt of the deposit.
Packing method and quantity: 50pcs/bundle in a woven pag or preservative film or as clients'request.
Our main Port name:Shenzhen,CHINA.

We can make the cap plain without logo, also we make any logo on the cap but need to meet our MOQ requirement.
Colour of the CAP: Black is preferred by most of the clients, but also we can make other pure colour such as red, blue, green etc.
The colour of the stick covered film can be made customerized, we can make different pure colour , or any colour with flower/carton design.

The most popular size of broom stick is 1200 in length, and diameter is 22mm .
Packing like the above photo showed packed by bag, 50pcs in each.



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